Aluminum Contaminates Our Tap Water and Threatens Our Health

Aluminum Contaminates Our Tap Water and Threatens Our Health

Aluminum in Drinking Water Poses Health Risks

We’re all familiar with aluminum, the light weight metal used in cans, window frames and other shared items. Less known is aluminum’s presence in drinking water. Scientists know that aluminum causes dementia, or memory loss, and drinking water turns out to be a major source of aluminum for many people.

Aluminum, in its molecular form, can be combined with other chemicals for use in drugs, skin products, and as a chemical used in water purification plants. It also comes from natural supplies when some kinds of rock break down in the rain or in flows and rivers. All of these supplies put aluminum in drinking water.

Water treatment plants use large amounts of aluminum sulphate (a salt) to remove organic matter from water. It’s also used to remove phosphates, a by product of many soaps and fertilizers. Companies put it in antacids, deodorant, and cookware. It’s clear it can damage our nervous systems as it builds up in our bodies over the years.

Once we absorb aluminum into our bodies, its hard to remove it. It tends to build up in our tissues and over time it may hasten Alzheimers or Parkinsons disease. A study conducted by Dr. C. McLachlan found that many situations of Alzheimers disease could be prevented if aluminum was kept below a safe standard level in public water supplies. Aluminum damages our nervous systems.

The US government does not control aluminum in drinking water supplies. It is one of at the minimum 200 unregulated chemicals commonly found in the US drinking water supplies. The Environmental Protection Agency has set a non enforcement (no legal limit) standard for aluminum in our taps.

Aluminum is tricky to remove from water. Two kinds of filters can remove aluminum molecules. First, a filter called “alumina” can take it and other metals out of water. Second, a reduction or “redox” filter causes some metals to come out of water.

With the dangers of aluminum clear, we need to protect ourselves from it by not using aluminum surfaced cookware, avoiding aluminum foil, and filtering our home water supplies for drinking and cooking. A good quality home water purification system can go a long way towards giving you peace of mind with so many contaminants in water supplies.

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