Addiction Solutions: The Way To Beat Any Addiction!

Addiction Solutions: The Way To Beat Any Addiction!

I know how the endless spiral downward feels; and I choose the information ‘endless’ very deliberately because there is no end to the depths that you allow yourself to fall. The feeling that you’re literally being pushed by a force greater than yourself; your thoughts drown in negativity and craving.

The fact that you can ‘see’ these cravings and emotions, method that you are SEPARATE from them! You are not your craving; you are not your addiction, anxiety or fear! If you were, you wouldn’t be able to consciously concede them. Can you comprehend what this method for you? It method that you have strength over them; you keep up the strength to give these emotions and feelings life, but you also keep up the meaningful to pulling them out by their roots, draining them of all growth.

You have built a belief in your mind that in any case it is that you’re addicted to is somehow sustaining your existence. You’re using it as a crutch in order to survive. You must understand that it is a CHOICE to feel this way, and that you can CHOOSE to feel another way!

This starts in one place: your soul. This isn’t a religious article, don’t be fooled by my words. The soul is where your thoughts and emotions mesh together to cultivate feeling which propels a certain belief. Take advantage of this law of life; the fact that you can change your current circumstances almost instantaneously by the strength of meshing thought and emotion to propel a favourable idea. An idea where you have realized your possible in life, filled with feeling is unstoppable by any known force on this earth. Change your beliefs about yourself, monitor your thoughts carefully because it is your thoughts that led you to where you are now in life. Your thoughts dictate your life because often enough they’re met with emotion; whether positive or negative determines the manifestation in reality. Your soul is literally the most precious thing you have and when you treat it well, you can conquer any obstacle, including your addiction.

It must also be said that thinking about not doing something, for example “I will not smoke today” nevertheless counts as you thinking about smoking. Your mind does not recognize the ‘not’ or any kind of negative information. It only skims by important meaningful words. So a better thing to think about all day is “Today, I will make a success of any endeavour I choose”, as it is clear and to the point; and most of all, it is completely positive and success orientated.

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