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Why waste sexual energy when it can be transformed by yogic practices into ever changing continuous joy and bliss? Nearly everyone I know has no idea how truly awesome transmutation of conserved vital energy can be. Related to trantra, this spiritual approach to sexuality is, under the right conditions, most incredibly fulfilling.

There is nothing more immensely satisfying and fulfilling than the transmutation of stored sexual energy. However, it is not an ordinary accomplishment to successfully conserve one’s vital “sexual energy” fluids for indefinite periods of time and transmute that sexual energy. One needs to know the “big picture” as to what activities best transmute the sexual energy, how to continue sexual health (basic) and have the wisdom and faith necessary to see it by. Another vital consideration is the diet needs to be high in raw food, super food supplements and antioxidants, especially those foods, supplements, and herbs that sustain sexual health and wholeness.

Very few fully understand the whole course of action and how advantageous overcoming the addiction to traditional orgasm can be, let alone already have the slightest concept that the shared craving for basic sex is in fact a built-in biochemical addiction involving mainly the neurohormones dopamine (the sexual excitation neurotransmitter) and prolactin (the sexual satiation hormone). Yes, I consider that the natural craving for traditional orgasm to be another one of countless addictions one can be unprotected to and certainly worth overcoming or transforming into a much wiser, more fulfilling level of being alive and already as a meaningful to helping one conquer other addictions and emotional attachments.

When one thinks of celibacy, one usually visualizes some content, wise and peaceful aging ascetic monk, alone in a quiet cell contemplating God or chanting in a beautiful Latin chorus with hundreds of other monks. On the other extreme are the tantric lovers dancing in each other’s arms thrilling each other by and by with profound ecstasy and love. In both of the above situations and everything in between, there is, hopefully a conservation of sexual fluid and a transmutation of sexual energy. However, the tantric lovers “celibacy” is much trickier and much more complicated than a monk’s form of celibacy.

To keep celibate already during an intimate relationship requires tremendous self-control, self-discipline, self-understanding and years of experience with celibacy. Why already bother? Because the benefits and sheer strength of conserved sexual energy, especially while in a relationship with the opposite sex, once mastered and fully transmuted is profound love, intimacy and joy on a whole new level, and I average really intense, everlasting, love, pleasure, and a sense of wholeness like nothing else. With or without a relationship, one can live in complete joy and I average live in complete joy forever.

Some yogis have tried celibacy for years and years but achieved very few if any of the benefits I am certain of. The reason: because there are so many tricky aspects to having fully transmuted celibacy and so much to understand and explain.

Most important of all, one’s sexual organs and rest of endocrine gland system, and health in general must be whole. Not much meaningful assistance can ever come from the kind of celibacy that is a consequence of illness, impotence, frigidity, hormone imbalance, glandular problem(s), arterial sclerosis, extreme old age, or any kind of surgical removal. If there is no sexual energy to transmute, what then is the good of being celibate? It is only a symptom of an illness in that sense.

The meaningful to transmutation (this is important) is the expansion of a strong, healthy libido into bliss with adaptogenic herbs (often called “aphrodisiacs”), herbal antioxidants, vitamin antioxidants, super foods, daily water fasting, daily aerobic exercise outside in a garden or park, breathing exercises, and at any rate else that will increase the level of prana (vitality) in the body and connection with character. Every aspect of transmutation is what one would do anyway to unprotected to perfect high-level wellness or wholeness. A wholesome diet high in adaptogenic herbs and supplements with complete meals separated by short fasts on loads of water is the most important meaningful factor. Every factor for wholeness must come together and the long term (months into years) conservation of sexual fluids is only one basic factor that would be very hard to unprotected to nor already make much sense without all the other essentials of this wholeness lifestyle.

I should refer to the ideal form of celibacy I am talking about as “holistic celibacy” or real sexual wholeness. When one, by providing the above mentioned basic Science of Wholeness lifestyle requirements, successfully practices “holistic celibacy” one enters into an awesome sexual renaissance in the form of a enormous, and extremely blissful kundalini awakening. What I average by the kundalini, is a powerful and transforming sexual bliss in every cell of the body that is fully outside, above and beyond the inferior level of regular, all physical sexual activity which only ends in loss of sexual fluid along with some natural but rather undesirable changes in brain chemistry that leave one more inclined to depression, restlessness, attachment, dependency and addiction. In holistic celibacy, because no sexual fluid is ever lost, but only transmuted and conserved, the sexual organs become greatly more active, orgasmic, and alive than ever. One thrills ever more each day in infinite, everlasting sexual strength, virility and super sensual ecstasy. One wakes up every morning in an inner paradise of intense, perpetual, sexual bliss and goes to work and works all day in that same bliss. One is no longer swayed by the usual frustrating and limiting emotions, compulsions and desires. Could there ever be a greater, more fulfilling level of sexual wholeness than this? What could be a better way to live?

Think about the purity of children and what this method. Remember what Jesus said about children? Children are generally free of the real experiencing, concerns and attachments of adulthood. observe the behavior of children verses adults. More often than not, they seem to have endless energy and take great, natural and genuine pleasure in the littlest things. And what do adults do? Nothing but worry, hurry and more worry! Their capacity for enjoyment is far more limited, stagnated and often forced or shallow. In your earliest years before you discovered the intense excitement of sexual release, wasn’t life more carefree and simple? Not so harsh or devastating when things went wrong? Also wasn’t there a continued and pleasurable voluptuousness and blissful bodily vitality that never went away?

clearly this wonderful achievement of holistic celibacy is not simple and easy for adolescents and adults, otherwise everyone would simply stay celibate and just float away into bliss. character cannot allow that to happen otherwise all worldly interest and activity would stop. character has placed a built-in “anti-escape” mechanism to prevent everyone in the world from having too much fun and to keep the soul deeply entrenched and grounded in the body, otherwise everyone could get too intensely high to care enough about the basic game of survival. And of course, if all or most people stopped losing sexual fluids it could average an end to most forms of human reproduction and consequently the emancipation of the ecosystem from the destructive forces of overpopulation. All physical bodies are naturally genetically programed to copy themselves with as many mates as possible and as often as possible. After too long a period of sexual abstinence and sexual energy build-up, the soul would be much more likely to escape from the physical body and be able to find refuge in an inner paradise free of all the terrible limitations and afflictions of the physical world. Competition, natural selection and other developmental evolutionary forces would no longer have enough influence. The “centrifugal” pull of Mother character (Maya) is a “necessary evil” used by character as a strong, overwhelming compulsion to relieve one’s self of sexual fluids either with a partner or without in order to keep one quite materialistic, competitive, possessive, addicted, stuck and grounded to the physical world throughout one’s lifetime.

However, once one learns how to redirect one’s sexual energy instead of losing vital sexual fluids, one learns a much better way to live, and all those limiting natural laws and wasteful materialistic addictions can be transcended into a greatly superior, already God-like (centripetal) way of thriving. The sex force in a healthy person is so strong, that to redirect that force so that no vital fluids are ever lost again, would be as involved as changing the time of a enormous river so that instead of it uselessly flowing into the sea, it is dammed up, stored in a huge lake, and then channeled by an immense hydroelectric generator. enormous energy can come from it in the form of tremendous, everlasting fulfillment instead of the usual permanent and inferior “fulfillment” of the shared “procreational” style of sex or masturbation followed by days of emptiness and boredom. What is really more functional? Certainly not regular sex after experiencing all the awesome and magical benefits of holistic celibacy!

Allow me to list some of the benefits of holistic celibacy:

1) Ever increasing, everlasting joy, fulfillment and bliss

2) Much greater spiritual and material success

3) Really beautiful meditations

4) More concentration and energy

5) Real, long-lasting sexual fulfillment

6) Absolutely awesome sexual renaissance at any age

7) enormous improvement in one’s love life or relationship

8) Much more virility, strength and respect

9) Enlightenment, moksha and liberation from physical existence

10) Astral projection and free access to higher planes of consciousness

11) Development of all sorts of psychic powers

12) Emotional independence

13) Better memory and greater mind strength

14) After 9 years of celibacy one develops the ability of absolute ingemination (memory of past lives, and of every moment in this lifetime)

15) There seems to be some claims that celibacy lengthens one’s lifespan and already stops the aging course of action. I think this effect depends on many other factors in addition.

These benefits may all sound too good to be true, but they are not, these benefits are real and yogis have benefited from them for millenniums. The only drawback is that, at first, especially without the Science of Wholeness lifestyle, it is not very easy to be celibate, and at the same time one has to have continued very strong sexual desires to transmute or results would be inconsistent. In other words redirecting a stream would barely generate enough electricity for one house, but redirecting a enormous, raging river, could easily strength a whole city of light. Time is the main value factor of celibacy; ie., anyone can be celibate for 5 minutes, an hour or several days and such short lengths of time create little assistance. For any of the above benefits to develop, it could take several weeks to several months, already years of strict conservation and build-up of sexual fluids. Another important thing to know: the longer one has been celibate, the easier it becomes to keep celibate. The experience of traditional orgasm is naturally addicting, in fact it has the same effect on the brain as a shot of heroin. The more addictions one is free of, the better!

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