A MUST in Protecting Newborn Babies

A MUST in Protecting Newborn Babies

If you have a newborn, it is likely you have not given this as a consideration when thinking of your baby’s safety but it is VERY important.

The indoor air in most homes is much more polluted that the outside air. The EPA says that “….indoor air can be be more polluted than the air outside a home”. This is because, in an effort to enhance energy efficiency, builders “seal” the inside of the home from the elements. Though this practice does reduce energy costs and makes for a more uniform climate indoors, it also “seals” the inhabitants in the home along with the dust, dust mites and other pollutants that either live homes or are brought in by dwellers or visitors.

Because a baby’s respiratory and immune system is not as evolved as an adult, they are more prone to these pollutants.

Fortunately, there are solutions that either cost nothing or very little to help stave off any “intruders” that could cause baby problems. First, remove the HVAC filter in your air conditioner and replace it with one that is highly efficient. We recommend a pleated, electrostatic ac furnace filter that is disposable.

The pleats in an HVAC filter double the surface area of the filter media, thereby doubling the removal of pollutants in the home’s interior. A filter that is electrostatic also method a higher efficiency. The passage of air by the filter media causes the electrostatically charged filter material to work much like a magnet, trapping more of the pollutants in your indoor air. Make sure you use an air filter with a high MERV rating.

We strongly recommend a MERV12 rated filter since it traps more of the pollutants but does not increase energy costs. It is the perfect balance between filter and equipment efficiency.

There is no other part of your HVAC system that you can control except for the filter so getting a high quality air filter is basic.

And be sure your HVAC Filter is disposable! Sure, it costs a simply reusable air filters, but in the end, it is much better. Reusable filters are hard to clean and notoriously fail in efficiency when compared to disposable air filters.

observe: Make sure your HVAC System is up to par. If there is water accumulating around the system, it is a perfect place to shelter mold. Mold, when nearby to a HVAC System is a chief way for the mold to become airborne. Also, make sure the coils in the HVAC unit are clean. Stay tuned for another great way to protect that new baby!

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