A Human Pill to Kill Bed Bugs Is Ingesting Poison

A Human Pill to Kill Bed Bugs Is Ingesting Poison

Have you heard the latest bed bug solution? People are truly ingesting a heartworm medicine that is used for dogs. It is called Stomectrol and it is well proven to kill a large number of parasites but known mostly for heartworms in dogs. When bed bugs bite these people, the bed bugs die.

Are you freaking kidding me?!

Well just guess what this ‘medicine’ is? It is a poison! Yes, that is how it works. It is a poison – at levels presumably low enough to kill heartworm (and now bed bugs), but not enough of a level to harm dogs (and now humans).

Why do you think the bed bugs die? Because they don’t like the taste? NO! Because it is deadly, toxic, lethal, and at any rate adjective you can come up with that causes death!

So exactly when is a poison safe?

It is one thing to give our pets poison on a monthly basis. We’ve been told it was fine, it was perfectly safe, your vet promoted you to use it so your dog would be comfortable. After all, heartworms are serious, expensive business so who wants to deal with that? Here is an easy, monthly pill and no worries, right?

Well, that ‘harmless’ pill has been proven to shorten your pet’s life by as much as 25%. Hello?! It is POISON! How many of you know someone who has ‘suddenly’ lost a pet to kidney or liver failure. Well, duh! It wasn’t anti-freeze, mothballs, old age, or anything other than cumulative effects of a lethal poison coursing by the veins over the years.

Again, we’ve all drunk the Kool-Aid on the collective reasoning that a synthetic poison absorbed into the blood stream is fine for our four legged friends. There is truly a bit of an argument that a happy, pest-free pet is a better life than one plagued by pests… especially when all it takes is a monthly reminder on the calendar to give the lethal measure.

But people… human beings taking a pill to ensure a level of toxicity in their blood to kill bed bugs. It is beyond comprehension!

Bed bugs are serious business, no doubt. They are expensive to eradicate, they cause all sorts of sleep deprivation that can rule to a large number of issues making the victims feel crazy. After all, they attack you when you are most unprotected and sleeping – what a nightmare!

But there are SANE solutions! There are healthy, effective, non-toxic solutions that aren’t expensive.

Why would a reasonable person ever knowingly ingest poison? A person would only drink poison when told by ‘experts’ that it is okay. Well, this is an example where the ‘experts’ are nuts!

Bed bugs are a very real problem but ingesting poison is not the solution. Be informed, and tackle the problem with something that works and doesn’t compromise your health. Be reasonable and don’t kill yourself trying to kill a bed bug.

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