7 Mistakes Psychic Readers Make

7 Mistakes Psychic Readers Make

Mistake 1


Have you ever tried to build something before reading the instructions? I know I’ve had. Once a friend asked if I could put a table together, I said, “of course” problem was that I didn’t bother to read the instructions. That table had one leg to short and one leg to long.

Lesson learn, never start something without first knowing where you want to go with it.

Psychics need to know where they’re going. You cannot take a giant jump without first taking baby steps.

Building foundations take time and commitment. Every psychic has their own way of reading. There are many different techniques each requiring discipline.

There must be a willing dedication to learn the fundamentals. Don’t expect to be the next Sylvia Brown over night. You must be willing to put the work in.

For example, a young thin kid looks at a muscle magazine and dream of having a body like the one in the magazine. The dream starts the time of action but it must be follow by a step by step course of action. Jumping over steps will not help you to unprotected to your objective.

Finding a competent teacher to learn from is promoted. Reading as much as you can about the subject matter is a must. Practice, practice, practice is crucial. A lot of psychics give up because they’re not seeing results right away. Results are connected with how hard you are willing to work.

In order to fulfill any dream one must have a plan. A clear path on how you are to implement and fulfill your objective. Going about things carelessly will never allow you to accomplish your goal. Laying down good foundations are the building blocks to a strong strong achievement.

I ingemination when the great basketball star Michael Jordan tried his hand at baseball; he failed miserably because the proper foundation wasn’t laid. He had the dream but the work was not put in.

Foundations are the blue print that makes dreams come true. Every psychic that hopes to become better at their craft must make sure that they don’t overlook the small steps. Every dream must have a basis upon which it must stand. Let your feet be planted on substantial ground before you venture out. Make sure of your purpose and proceed with confidence. Have a strong commitment and a willingness to conquer all objectives. Remember you are never alone and bright celestial beings will ensure your success.

Mistake 2

Developing Own Style

Remember when you were a child and you wanted to grow up and be like your favorite idol? When I was young I always wanted to grow up and be like my favorite baseball player, Ernie edges. Everything he did I did, but there was a problem I could never quite get it right. I had to learn to develop my own style. The mistake that most people make is that they want to be like someone else. That will never happen. You must develop your own style.

In the beginning it is natural to try different approaches, but you must learn to develop your own style. Your style is what makes you rare. Many times my students will say, “I want to read numbers like you”! I always tell them, “That will never happen; you must learn to read numbers like yourself.” Let your own natural way flow from you.

Have you ever seen pictures of two actresses wearing the same dress? Below the pictures, a caption asks, “Who wears it well?”

Be the one who wears it well, develop your own style.

Mistake 3

Wanting It Overnight

Our world moves fast. We can order something from any place in America and get it overnight. I remember once I had order a product and paid for overnight shipping when it didn’t arrive the next day I was shock. The clerk had written down the wrong address and it was sent somewhere else. We have gotten into the habit of moment gratification. Fast food, emails, text messaging. It appears that we are unwilling to devote the time that is needed to unprotected to our success.

Success will not come over night. You must be willing to put the time in.

It would be foolish to read one or two books on psychic ism then put a sign in a window letting the world know that you are now open for business.

You must commit yourself to the subject matter until you feel you are ready. Taking baby steps is a good practice. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare. Victory does not go to the swiftest but to the one who can persevere.

Plant a seed, give it some water, a little sunshine and in time it will reward you with its fragrance. Water will not boil any faster by you staring at it.

Don’t wish or desire overnight success. Something built hastily will not stand the test of time.

Mistake 4

Have Faith in Yourself

Have you ever looked at a mountain and told yourself that no way I’ll be able to climb to its summit?

When I was young I almost drown. I had given up fighting the strong ocean currents that was pulling me under. I thought that my time on earth had come to an end. At that exact moment of surrender a peace came over me and I found myself drifting peacefully towards a white light. Next moment I was jerked back into my body and saw people standing looking down at my lifeless body while the life guard worked to revive me, that experience born a rock of faith in me!

During my 34 years of readings I’ve shared my intuitive knowing to countless of people. Most of the time people could not, would not act on the words that I’ve spoken. They didn’t believe that they had strength to change their life. They had no faith.

Not having faith is the greatest of all mistakes. Faith is the seed that grows and manifest your heart’s desire.

Trust in your abilities and watch the doors of your imagination swing open and bring forth fruit.

If you believe you can then you will unprotected to!

Mistake 5

Code of Ethics

I remember early in my career I was reading for a client. I saw something dark and blurted it out without seriously thinking about how my words may affect my client. On my way home I thought about that reading and decided to be governed by a code of ethics.

A reader must learn to choose their words very carefully. Never tell a client that you see something bad. Choose a information like challenge instead. Your main objective is to help your client to resolve their issue.

Showing compassion, building confidence, and staying positive are corner stone’s for a strong reading. You are not there to estimate and insult your client.

Arrogance and self – righteousness has no place in a reading. Show kindness and respect. Insert humor whenever possible to keep the reading from becoming too heavy. Always be respectful!

A good reader has grown discipline, uses good judgment and behaves specialized.

Temptation will always be with us. If you develop a code of ethics and live by them then you are assured that your clients will spread your good name. A good name of integrity is worth more than a pot of gold. Remember, that your good reputation is sometimes is all you got.

Mistake 6

Knowing When the Reading Is Over

Have you ever had a friend who over stayed their welcome? I know I’ve had. I remember once I had invited a few friends over for a small get together. Everybody left at a decent hour except for this one friend. I tried several approaches to let him know it was time for him to go. Nothing worked. Finally I was direct and told him to go!

Sometime a reader just doesn’t have a clue when the reading is over. There are several clues to alert you. When you start repeating yourself, saying the same thing over and over. When the reading drifts into other areas not related to the subject at hand. When you feel your energy being drain.

Sometime a reader can pinpoint the problem right away; other times more probing will become necessary.

Sometimes the reader’s ego gets in the way and the reading becomes personal.

More is not always good. Your main objective is to find solutions to your client’s situation.

Readers who read at psychic fairs are usually on a timer. The client can pay for a 15 minute, 30 minute, or hour reading. A client may come in with a set of questions, other times they just want you to proportion with them what you see. A timer is good because it helps you to stay on point.

Mistake 7

You Cannot Save the World

No one can save the world, the best we can do is save our self. The most gifted reader cannot help everyone that comes in for a reading. Some people say they want help but their action says different. No reader will be one hundred percent all the time. Some days the reader will struggle connecting with spirit. At times the reader’s bio rhythms will be off.

Weather temperatures, environments, diet, temperament, inadequate sleep, drugs, alcohol are all factors that can alter a reader’s ability to read.

You are not going to like every person that comes to you for a reading. Sometimes you will tell your client that you will not be able to help them.

I remember once that I had a complete day of readings. By the 8th hour I was exhaustive. My vision was seeing double, I became incoherent. It took me several days to regain my strength. I had over tax my psychic abilities.

Giving a reading can be very draining. If you hadn’t taken the time to cleanse your aura, other people energies can suck you dry. Be aware that energy travels both ways. Protect yourself and remember that you cannot save the world.

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