5 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas For Chiropractic

Marketing your chiropractic sets is a crucial part of having a successful practice. Many times chiropractic marketing will cost a meaningful amount of money. But not all marketing is expensive. Here are 5 inexpensive marketing ideas for chiropractic.

#1. Reactive old patients.

One easy effective way to market your practice is to try and reactivate old patients. Just simply mailing them a letter or direct response postcard that contains a special offer works well. To get a better response, do this during birthdays or around holidays since it will be the time that people think about their lives and where it is heading. Also, these special days give you a “reason” for making a believable offer. This can also be done by email, however direct mail has been shown to have higher open rates.

#2. Use Video.

Another inexpensive marketing tool is to make a video of yourself talking about the practice and the sets you offer. Include your staff in the video so that patients can see you have a team. To use this marketing idea, you will need to upload the video to your website so prospects can watch it. You can also upload this video to YouTube, Revver, Google Video, or other video sites. Just make sure you put your website address in the video somewhere.

#3. Create A Website or Blog.

You can also go to the internet and create your own website or blog. Many doctors pay companies a lot of money for this service, but it can be done for little or no cost using free html editors like Kompozer to make your webpages. Then all you would need to pay for is a web hosting service and domain name.

If making a website yourself is too challenging, you can always create accounts in social networking websites such as MySpace, friendster, Facebook etc. These sites come with already made webpages where you simply fill in your information. You can also use these sites to add “friends” which connects you into a network of people, allowing more people to find your site.

#4. Send Patient Newsletters.

Patient newsletters are another form of inexpensive marketing for your practice. These work great for not only getting referrals from your current patients, but also keeping your active patients connected to you. Studies have shown that if a customer has not heard from you within 30 days, they start to loose interest. This makes them more likely to respond to competitors offers. Newsletters also educate your patients on healthy living, exercise, and many other topics you may not have time to discuss during a regular patient visit.

#5. Use Email Marketing.

One of the first things I teach my doctor’s I’m coaching is how to use email marketing. There are a many reasons email is so great:

-it’s virtually free

-its quick and easy

-you can “put in” pre-typed emails to go out at a certain time

-everyone who is online sends and receives emails, but not all of

them surf the internet

-very effective in building a relationship with current patients

and prospects.

Emails are the easiest and least expensive marketing you can do. For less than $20 a month, you can send unlimited emails out to your patients and prospects. (But I don’t recommend giving

healthcare advice by email.) The kind of software need for this is called an autoresponder. Autoresponders send out preloaded emails to your patients/prospects and is 95% automated.

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