5 Debt Tools That Your Should Be Grateful for Helping You to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt Fast

5 Debt Tools That Your Should Be Grateful for Helping You to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt Fast

Everyone deserves to live their life to the fullest and enjoy the debt-free life – this could only happen if you address your card debt seriously. Let’s forget about the Obama’s stimulus package – it doesn’t not really exists and start finding the right solutions to get rid of your debt. Thanks to the free debt tools – you’ll be able to free yourself from enormous debts that were before disrupting your pleasant lifestyle. Here are the 5 debt tools that can help you pay off your debt:

1. Microsoft Excel – you can create a spreadsheet and input the information about the complete credit card debt including total noticeable debt, interest rates (APR) of each of your card, minimum monthly payment and the due dates of making your card payments. It is better than writing them down in your personal journal or diary because you can view the Excel spreadsheet in your computer – and you can as many spreadsheets as you want, without wasting any papers.

Besides that, you can create spreadsheets for your daily or monthly budget. consequently you can track your spending as the more money that you can save, the faster you can truly get rid of your debt.

2. Google Calendar – This free internet tool is something that you need to use, especially when you need something to remind you about making promptly payments to pay off your credit card debt. Besides asking others to remind you, you can set an email alert – probably 1-2 days earlier before your card payment is due.

You can also use this tool as your organizer – to get things done effectively, for example appointment with the creditors if you’re looking for a debt settlement and negotiation with them on your own.

3. Credit card debt repayment calculator apps for iPad, iPhone and Android phone users – for example, CalcMoolator, an interactive financial calculator specifically designed for such gadgets above; has the ability to calculate the total interest that you can save and the exact loan term if you pay more than the minimum. This interactive app is also capable to produce spending worksheets that can assist you create a personal budget.

4. Online credit card debt repayment calculator – this tool is meant for those who don’t have such gadgets mentioned earlier. It works exactly the same as the CalcMoolator and you can search for such financial calculator on the internet – by Google up the keyword “credit card debt calculators”.

5. The Total Money Makeover book by Dave Ramsey – this debt relief book teaches you how to manager and manage your enormous debts on your own, and one of the most valuable lessons is about “Debt Snowball” method – which you prioritize your debts and start paying off debt from small to larger noticeable balances.

These 5 debt tools are able to help you to stay focus on eliminating your card debt if you use them in the right way.

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