4G: Taking Wireless Internet to the Next Level

4G: Taking Wireless Internet to the Next Level

Technology is pretty famous for its astonishing ability to regularly change and evolve right before our eyes. In the world of Internet technology, things seem to change so fast that if you blink or turn your head away just for a moment, you are bound to miss out on something. 4G Wireless Internet is something you will want to be sure that you do not miss out on.

People are becoming more and more dependent on easy to reach high speed Internet connections all the time, and the technology has responded by becoming more functional and easier to use. In offices and homes, where wired broadband sets have become standard, people have gotten used to having high speed access whenever they need it. But recent improvements in wireless Internet service have made it possible for people to get online easily using their cell phones or laptops when they are somewhere other than at home or in the office. 4G Wireless Internet allows people to get reliable high speed connections as they roam throughout the city. It is a liberating technology that sets people free from the restrictions imposed on them by cords and cables of wired broadband sets like DSL and cable.

With 3G networks, it used to be the case that wireless connections were synonymous with slow connections. But with the fourth generation of wireless telecommunications technology, this is no longer the case. 3G connections, while not exactly high speed, did serve a certain purpose – they allowed subscribers to use their smart phones (such as iPhones and Blackberrys) to do basic online responsibilities, like sending and receiving emails, updating their position on and checking social networking web sites (such as Facebook and Twitter), and performing basic web searches. But these connections were just not fast enough to adjust to more complicate activities, like downloading and uploading files in a timely fact, streaming online music content, and attending video conference calls. These are the areas where 4G is taking wireless Internet to the next level.

With a 4G connection, you can do everything you could do with a 3G connection, only much, much faster – at up to 100 Mbps, these new connection speeds can be as much as 50 times faster than 3G connection speeds (which are usually around 2 Mbps). In addition, you can access this new service by your smart phone or by your laptop. 3G connections for the most part are just useful for smart phone use. Clearly, such improvements come with a number of real world benefits that can be witnessed in your everyday life. Take, for example, people who telecommute. while before such people may have been confined to working their homes with their wired broadband service, with the help of 4G, these people can now not only work from home, but also anywhere else they feel like going. This new service provides coverage areas that stretch across whole cities, meaning that the distances that users can stray from their homes or offices without losing their connection are nearly limitless.

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