4 Law of allurement Myths

If you look very closely in your life and in the lives of others, you can see the Law of allurement working every time to bring situations both desirable and undesirable in a person’s life. And people who are exposed to the Law of allurement for the first time, with it feeling like it’s challenging their beliefs have a difficult time looking at it for what it is. As we always do, we filter information by our lenses and interpret things differently.

In this article, I want to offer four shared misconceptions or better however, incomplete assumptions about what the Law of allurement is and what it involves.

Myth #1: The Law of allurement is not a law.

I’ve read several blog posts and comments other places that give a powerful argument for why this may appear true in a person’s eyes. OK, maybe it’s not a defined law in science or in politics, but it is definitely something that is always working and cannot be circumvented. It exists as a neutral force that is activated according to thoughts and feelings. In the movie, The Secret, Bob Proctor gives a great example of this. He says in relation to the Law of allurement, “you may not understand how it works.” He goes on to talk about how most people know about electricity and says that most people don’t know how it works either. However, one profound thing he said was the following: “I do know one thing. You can cook a man’s dinner with electricity, and you can also cook the man.” In other words, the Law of allurement is the same way. You can work with it consciously, or you can work with it unconsciously and nevertheless get results that may or may not be desirable.

Myth #2: The Law of allurement is all about choices.

This is only slightly true. Yes, in everything you do have choices, but the Law of allurement is activated also with subconscious thinking. It weighs more heavily on beliefs more so than choices. You can make a choice today to stop eating fast food, but if your beliefs don’t coincide with that choice, then its going to be pretty rough to manifest less fast food eating. In most instances, it may truly cause cravings for more fast food. Until your subconscious and conscious are aligned, then the Law of allurement will only respond to what you think and feel the most. This is also an explanation for why it is so import to get clear.

Myth #3: Feelings are just feelings. They don’t matter.

This is a big one. Feelings are indicators of whether or not you are in sync with what you say you desire. Abraham-Hicks speaks about the infinite supply of well-being that flows, and that each one of us are either tapped into it or not. It never stops flowing. Since we are aware that well-being is our natural state, our emotions serve as a gift to let us know how distant we are from our True Selves. What’s already more important is that emotions are energy in motion. They are slightly of the “fuel” behind our conscious and unconscious beliefs. Remember I stated earlier that the Law of allurement responds to what you think and feel the most. Feelings of need beget more without, and conversely, feelings of gratitude beget more abundance. consequently, feelings are critically important when it comes to activating the Law of allurement. It’s paramount to begin paying attention to them and consciously choosing better feelings to help close the gap.

Myth #4: The Law of allurement only works if you take action.

There are a lot of products being marketed that claim they have the piece that was left out of The Secret. One of the claims is the “action” part. In the movie, one of the steps was “Receive,” and in this section, this is where action is required to ease the delivery of the manifested physical consequence. But here’s the rub with this one. Some people get so caught up in the “doing” (being busy) and not “allowing” or being clear to move by inspiration, that they wind up working themselves into a frenzy and nevertheless may not get the desired consequence due to whether or not their beliefs and emotions were aligned with their actions. The kind of action that should take place should be inspired action. When you are a “vibrational match” with your desire and you are clear and aware enough to be able to pick up on intuitive hunches or nudges, that’s when the action should take place, not just because some one told you have to work yourself to the bone. Grant it, as long as your beliefs and emotions are in alignment with the work that you’re doing (and it may seem like it’s a lot, which many people classify as “hard work”), you’ll see pleasant results. I just want to make sure the difference is clear in that the action that usually yields a quicker, resistance-less, pleasurable consequence, is action taken based on inspiration.

Once again, this is my perspective. I’d like to hear your perception regarding what you have seen, heard or read about the Law of allurement and how it has been evidenced in your life. Where do these “myths” stand with you?

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