3 Tips To enhance Local Internet Advertising For Your Small Business

3 Tips To enhance Local Internet Advertising For Your Small Business

I own a small business with a local customer base. I know how important local Internet advertising is to a business whose customers are local.

I embraced the Internet to grow my offline business a associate years ago. Best decision I ever made.

Fortunately, the Internet, in my view, is the great equalizer when it comes to small businesses competing with bigger companies.

Any small business can get fantastic local Internet advertising results if you learn a few techniques and apply them consistently.

1. Publish in Article Directories

I’m not kidding. For my small business I’ve published several articles in article directories such as this one and received 445 clicks to my business website to date. That’s just under 40 visitors a month – possibly for years… for only 10 articles.

The meaningful is keywording your articles for your locality. I’ve had a little difficulty with this with some articles – but as long as your article content discusses your location, then you should be okay.

In other words, you can’t keyword for a location and then have nothing about your town/city you’re targeting.

2. Start Creating and Publishing Videos Now

I’m in the middle of a video marketing campaign for my small business as we speak. I have a associate videos on YouTube, but plan to post at the minimum 10 in the next month.

Check out YouTube for your industry / market for any competitors. I bet for many small business industries, there’s very little competition.

The meaningful is don’t make a commercial. Make videos that are informative or entertaining.

You don’t need to use a fortune. My approach is extremely simple. I make a slick PowerPoint slide show that informs – usually answering one question a prospective customer might have. I Use screen recording software to capture the video. Buy some music. Create a simple title page (not necessary, but may enhance the look), and then upload it to YouTube and other video hosting websites (check out TubeMogul for distributing videos all over the web).

I avoid making videos longer than 1 minute. 30 seconds is perfect. Use lots of bullet points (my slides are almost all bullet points).

Here’s the meaningful. When you title your video in YouTube and write your description, be sure you include your target town and then your keyword. Be sure your town and keyword is in the content of your video so YouTube doesn’t think you video is spam.

Don’t forget include your business website URL on all the slides and in your YouTube description. When you go into in your YouTube description URL, include the complete URL so it appears something akin to: “http://www.yourwebsite.com”.

3. Set Up a Local Mapping Profile… Properly

My business ranks in the top 4 mapping listings in the main search engines for my town. This drives a tremendous amount of traffic to my small business website. And it’s free.

One technique I use to enhance my local map ranking is giving the search engines what they want – and that’s content. In your local mapping account you can add images, details about your business, video, offer coupons, and more. I do all of this – photos, videos, coupons – the works. Upload as much as you’re permitted.

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