3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video to Grow Your Small Business

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video to Grow Your Small Business

Video is like a caged animal waiting for its strength to be unleashed for small businesses. I’m not talking about online or internet based businesses, I’m talking about Mom and Pop – offline businesses. I’m going to give you three reasons why offline businesses should be using video right now to make money.

1) Producing video is simple and easy Technology has allowed for the production of video to be as easy as crafting a well written letter. Cameras are amazing, portable, cheap and easy to use. Most laptops come with a camera built in and you can get a phone size camera with a built in USB port to move the video to your computer for under $100.

2) Distributing video online is free, cheap & simple YouTube has made video hosting obtainable for 5 year olds and 85 year olds alike. It’s free and easy to upload the video to the web and send it out to clients, friends and contacts via email.

3) Video for marketing is intensely powerful Video gives the average small business owner or sales person the strength to connect like no other method. Short of a sales presentation on a confront to confront level, there is no better way to get noticed and establish your passion, personality and expert position to the world then by video. It’s like having a hundred thousand digital versions of you selling your product or service.

In order to harness the strength of video for your small business you just need to think outside of your everyday, running the business box. There has never been a time when video was more easy to reach and ready for you to ramp your business to the next level and set yourself a part from your competition.

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